Guided Inner Focus Tools

How is G.I.F.T different from visualizations or meditations?

One of the most common issues people face with these is getting distracted and being able to stay "focused" long enough to get the most they can out of the experience. This is because using only one or two of your senses to build these mental images can be difficult especially when you first begin. G.I.F.T addresses this by utilizing all 5 senses to create a mentalization, which is easier to hold in your mind's eye. This makes G.I.F.T's much more effective for many more people. And because they involve all five senses, your experience is more vivid which insures your inner mind "gets the message."

What does using all five senses do to make things easier for me?

Once your able to mentalize, which is using your imagination with intent, we build on that with a set of exercises that show you how to shape your mentalizations in way that allows you; to safely interact with deep seeded emotional content for resolutions, identify symbols that are "tailor made" to use in your mentalizations and goal setting and take yourself out of a bad place mentally so you can regain your calmness. You even learn a simple exercise that helps you extend meditations so you can get the most out of your time.

How does all this make changing in my life easier?

Well aside from using all 5 senses to make things easier, G.I.F.T addresses two other issues: Shock and Intent. You never know what is lurking in the shadows of your mind and G.I.F.T. has safety nets built in to make sure you never loose your grip on what's real. Secondly, often times your mind is left to wander into aimless fantasies that don't achieve anything purposeful, so I wrap every G.I.F.T. session up with specific Mental Imagery aimed at putting what you learned to work. I want you to walk away knowing What Why and How it can work for you!

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