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What to expect...

How It Works

Free Initial Chat

Whether you are looking for hypnotherapy in San Antonio or simply wanting to work with me ONLINE, this is a great opportunity for me to understand a little bit more about what specifically has been going on for you.


This is an important step in the process as it means there is time for me to explain a little more about how I work and it helps us both establish if there is a good fit.

Justin Works With You

During our time together (whether face-to-face in San Antonio, TX or ONLINE) my role is to help you figure out what’s really been going on that has created the problem. The ‘thinking’ that has been occurring without you even realizing that has led to the issue. Then using a variety of tools (from simple conversation, thought experiments, visualizations, hypnosis and more) I help you make some better mental connections that lead to change.

Reach Your Goals

The most rewarding part of this job is seeing people discover what life is like when those things that held them back for so long (or were so intrusive in their lives) simply fade away.

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